Social Impact of Climate Change on Women and Children in ASEAN

A number of AMS remain vulnerable to natural disasters, which tend to disproportionately adversely affect the poor and the near poor or low income populace. Pollution and resource degradation are also increasingly serious problems in a number of AMSs. ASEAN is also among the most highly vulnerable regions to climate change and will need to find solutions to adapt to climate change in building a resilient ASEAN.The Fifth Assessment Report (AR5I) of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reveals that regardless our current actions in combatting with climate change through mitigation; global community is facing the increased amount anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions as the main caused of climate change. The IPCC also predicted that the temperature will be rising up from 1- 2.5C, and the change would bring negative effects to the process of development, particularly on livelihood, food security and health.

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